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Oct 8, 2012 6:03pm EDT
policy speech in virginia today. sally kidd joins us in washington with that story. >> mitt romney delivered a blistering critique of the president was a foreign policy record and the obama campaign pushed back. romney said the president has failed to lead on the world stage. >> it is our responsibility and the responsibility of the president to use america's greatest power to shape history. not to lead from behind. unfortunately, that is where we find ourselves in the middle east under president obama. >> america's ability to influence events for the better in iraq has been undermined by the abrupt withdrawal of our presence. >> the president has failed to lead in syria, he said. >> pilot extremists are flowing in. our ally turkey has been attacked. >> they responded to rahm a's speech in a conference call. >> is full of platitudes and free of substance. >> behind the tough talk, he has been erratic, and steady, and irresponsible in his audition on the world stage. >> polls show he is gaining momentum. >> no one believes this is about foreign policy. this will be about the economy
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1